New Award – January 2022

I feel honoured to have received the President’s Award of Merit from the Society of Bereavement Practitioners in respect of my work:

Podcast interview

Pet Talk with Ana & Teddy, covering some really important issues about pet loss – 29 October 2021:–ZLc

April 2021: Animal Communicator and Healer Summit

For five days, professional Animal Communicator, Dr. Cara Gubbins, held interviews with 30 experts, which were really interesting. Dr Cara organised a truly impressive event which highlighted the inspiring developments and awareness of the human-animal relationship.

I was delighted to be one of the featured experts – talking about Pet Loss Grief on Day 5, and this is the link to my interview:

2021: Here are my radio Interviews about “WHEN IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE – Preparing for the Transition of Your Beloved Pet”

Talkin’ Pets with Jon Patch – 13 February 2021:

Donna Seebo Show – 16 March 2021:

Beyond 50 Radio Show with Daniel Davis – 28 May 2021:

Linda MacKenzie Show – 1 June 2021:

Paul Roach, World of Spirituality Radio Show – 22 June: When It’s Time to Say Goodbye: Preparing for the Transition of Your Beloved Pet. Author and animal bereavement specialist Angela Garner shares her wisdom in a heartfelt and sensitive way. Her straightforward honesty and compassion shines through and can help anyone dealing with the transition of the pet.  It’s not about easy answers. Angela gets beyond platitudes and helps acknowledge the importance of our pets in our lives, how to honor their contribution in our lives and effectively move through the grieving process. Paul Roach

Moments with Marianne – 6 May 2021: