This page is dedicated to resources which were originally created for a UK charity – Environmental Animal Sanctuary & Education (EASE). Angela explains: “As the charity’s Animal Bereavement Specialist, I worked closely with EASE’s project manager, Melinda Hill, who has been an absolute tower of strength and support to me with this work for over 20 years. Although the charity has now discontinued, I am delighted to share the podcasts and other pet bereavement resources which are free to access on this page.”

Each of these podcasts last for about 10 minutes and are spoken by the author, Angela Garner, or Melinda Hill. The first one has music by Martin Wheeler, and the rest of the podcasts include music by kind permission of the World Mosaic Orchestra.

Remembering my Pet (download)

A colourful activity book designed to help children of up to about 11 years of age through the upset of losing a much loved pet.

In Remembrance of a Beloved Pet (download)

This poem is offered in the hope of bringing comfort to guardians at the time of their pet’s transition.

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