WHEN IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE – Preparing for the Transition of Your Beloved Pet

By Angela Garner


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“This book is terrific and will be such an important guide to so many.” Victoria M. Nicholls BSc (Hons) BVetMed Cert AVP (EM) Cert AVP (ED) BAEDT MRCVS BEVA Past President

“I am impressed by Angela’s approach to this delicate subject. She has a solid grasp of the many different aspects that need to be considered and discussed with owners who need support when losing their companion.” Dr Shannon Gaffaney, BVetMed MRCVS

“Most pet owners know how painful it is to lose a much-loved animal companion, and I am pleased that all those who suffer this unique loss can now benefit from the compassion and support that runs throughout, ‘When It’s Time to Say Goodbye – Preparing for the Transition of Your Beloved Pet’, by Angela Garner. Every aspect of loss is touched upon, all with Angela’s special blend of understanding, practicality and empathy. I recommend it for all pet owners to help them through the inevitable sad loss of their beloved pet.” Melinda Hill, Project Manager of Environmental Animal Sanctuary & Education (EASE)

“I wish you every success with your book and I can’t thank you enough for the help and support you gave me, in what was a very difficult time during the sad period of losing my beloved rescue dog, Jess. Having her story included will mean that I’ve kept alive the fact that my Jess was a special dog to me and her memory will now live on in the form of your book.” Mark Everitt

“In her beautiful book, ‘When It’s Time to Say Goodbye – Preparing for the Transition of Your Beloved Pet’, Angela Garner gives a very comprehensive and thorough guide to pet loss. She gently and caringly holds the reader’s hand through all the difficult aspects whilst offering simple and practical advice. Angela’s holistic approach focuses on the well -being of both people and their pets prior to bereavement, and she offers a unique understanding of how grief affects us and how to cope with the distress it brings. She validates pet loss and treats it with the same significance as the loss of a human loved one. I will definitely recommend this book to any of my clients who face the loss of their pet.” Deirdre Chitwood, Guild Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals, Level 2

“After an initial flick through I am reading it chapter by chapter, the better to absorb the fantastic content. It really is a most impressive work”. Rev. George G. Callander, FIW FSAScot FRSA, the Society of Bereavement Practitioners

“An absolutely essential read for anyone with an animal companion, ‘When It’s Time to Say Goodbye: Preparing for the Transition of Your Beloved Pet’ is especially and unreservedly recommended for all community library Pets/Wildlife collections. It should be noted for personal reading lists that ‘When It’s Time to Say Goodbye: Preparing for the Transition of Your Beloved Pet’ is also readily available in a digital book format.” US – Midwest Book Review

This is a practical and compassionate guide to managing the end-of-life transition of a beloved animal companion, both to help the pet and the human family members. Angela Garner is a former nurse and animal bereavement specialist who lives in Devon. The publisher is Findhorn Press, so I can’t imagine a better book on the subject to take full account of the spiritual aspects of our relationships with other beings of whatever species. The book is packed with stories that will fill your hearts with love. Many are sad but they still remind us of the bonds with our pets that can last after the animal is no longer in this incarnation. There is also a lot of practical advice on where to get bereavement advice and how to care for another grieving animal. It’s truly a delightful book and it even has charming little line drawings of dogs, cats, horses and rabbits.” Cygnus Books

“I have just been reading your book, which has left me feeling reflective and deeply moved. The stories telling of the love, respect and joy of our human animal bond reminds me of the gifts that we share with this connection. The gift keeps on giving amazingly, with memories when they are no longer physically present with us. I also found the content practical, and easily accessible both in advice and it’s format. I thought the jigsaw analogue was very descriptive, relating to all different upsets and changes in life, showing the job of putting the pieces back into context even when it has to be a new one. Thank you, you have done a great job.” Sally McIntyre.


This concise, practical book has been written to support people through the loss of a pet – before, during and after bereavement. People can go through deep and intense distress and this book has been created as a guide, and is intended to be like a friend walking alongside the reader, supporting them through each step of their personal grief journey.

Whilst it addresses many knotty areas that a distressed pet owner (guardian) can face, such as having to make the very difficult decision to have a beloved pet put to sleep, the book also looks at the deeper emotional side of bereavement and the impact grief can have on mental and physical health.

The book includes a number of exercises to help the reader stay focused and regain their own centre of gravity in the face of feeling that their world is falling apart.

The author brings her own unique understanding and analogies which she has created and successfully used when supporting individuals through the grief process, or when lecturing and coaching veterinary professionals and animal welfare organisations on this subject.

Compassion and understanding underlines everything that is written because the author has worked in this area for around 20 years and, having supported many people through the twists and turns of their grief journey, she knows the kind of things they face. Where appropriate she shares her own stories and those of others to enhance and enrich the experience which this book offers.