• Guardians / owners / pet parents of companion animals
  • Veterinary professionals and animal welfare organisations

Written by: Angela Garner

Animal Bereavement Specialist
Fellow of Society of Bereavement Practitioners
Specialist to Environmental Animal Sanctuary & Education (EASE)
Advisor to Patch of Diamonds

About the author

During 30 years in human healthcare as a Registered General Nurse, Angela developed a strong interest in end-of-life issues and communicating with the dying and bereaved with empathy and sensitivity. With a life-long passion for animal welfare, it was a natural progression to study and specialise in Companion Animal Bereavement Counselling.

Shortly after gaining her diploma in this area in 2001, she was asked to set up and run an innovative national pet bereavement support service for a small charity, called Environmental Animal Sanctuary & Education (EASE), which she did for many years. She was awarded a Fellowship by the Society of Bereavement Practitioners in respect of her work. After learning to teach in the adult sector, she moved into teaching and lecturing on this subject to veterinary and animal welfare professionals. In 2015 Angela was invited to lecture at the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) annual conference.

Over the years Angela has developed her own unique methods of communicating with bereaved pet owners, and created a wide range of support literature. She explains why writing, WHEN IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE was so important: “I wanted to reach out to more people. Pet loss can be so devastating and no-one should have to travel this road alone. I was inspired to create a book that would be like a friend, supporting readers through each step of their journey through grief.”